10 Reasons Why A Wood-Burning Stove Is A Must-Have

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10 Reasons Why A Wood-Burning Stove Is A Must-Have

This is a guest post by GR8Fires.

1. It’s Good To Keep An Eye On Heating Costs

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Things are pretty frosty in the current economic climate, meaning families are eager to give the oil a break and save a bundle with a wood-burner. An added bonus is that there’s no surprise bills, no hidden costs and no complicated sums.

2. All the Rage

Wood-burning stoves are featured more and more in the media, with stylish models popping up in glossy mags and traditional burners being recommended for those trying to create a cosy lounge on a tight budget.

3. Reliability

Recently, extreme winters have caused headaches for households as boilers struggle to cope. Fuel deliveries are also taking longer and costing more. A stove can pick up the slack if the central heating is being fixed, no matter how long that takes.

4. A New Family Hub

Until recently, families would gather round the TV. Now, in the age of laptops, on-demand programming and smartphones hooked up to the web, it’s nice to have somewhere for everyone to gather around, at least in body, if not in mind.

5. You Know Where You Stand

You know something’s gone sour if politicians are complaining to energy companies about corruption. Caught between big business and Government, customers are taking matters into their own hands and becoming self-sufficient with a stove.

6. Aesthetics

An old-timey burner can bring that rustic feel to a city flat, while a funky, ultra-modern stove can liven up your conservatory or master bedroom. And it must be said that a stove’s warm glow, comforting crackle and inviting smell beats flicking a switch any day.

7. Competition Keeps Prices Low

With the advent of e-commerce, a local retailer of wood-burning stoves knows that his customers have lots of options. This keeps the price low and makes wood-burners available to a wider range of people.

8. Fuel That Does Grow On Trees

As oil prices creep upwards, it’s refreshing to find fuel that costs next to nothing. The wise stove owner will always be on the look-out for trees to trim, scrap wood, and excess timber going cheap from a joinery.

9. More Heat, More Cash.

Manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the durability of stoves and their knowledge of what makes a burner more efficient. In short, they want to ensure no heat is lost, saving you fuel and money.

10. Worries For The Future

When the economic outlook is becoming increasingly gloomy and the mercury is dropping, the future seems uncertain. People are buying stoves for the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and efficient heat source.

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