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Hawaii is Full of Ambition in Setting Their “Green” Goals

Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit. Green landscapes surrounded by blue waters used to come to mind when I thought of Hawaii, until now. Now the ambitious goals of Governor Linda Lingle and the Hawaiian Electric Company pop into my head. In the hopes of making Hawaii a clean, renewable energy model for the […]

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What if all our cities transformed parking lots into parks like Houston, Texas? – the latest and greatest city project we've run across has been found in Houston, Texas. Only a year ago, this used to be simply a large asphalt parking lot in downtown, but it's been re-envisioned into an urban retreat for city dwellers. The parking lot is still there, but hidden underneath this new […]

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Do We Really Need Solar-Powered Robots to Mow Our Lawn? Are we that lazy?

I just finished watching Wall-E with my husband so pardon my little ranting before I explain about the new Automower™ Solar Hybrid Robots by Husqvarna. How much are we going to rely on machines? After that cute movie about a robot falling in love, it makes you think about how lazy we can be if […]

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Boutique Apartments – Eco-Friendly Apartment Communities Are Finally Here

Green apartments are finally joining the ranks of the green building movement in chic style thanks to Boutique Apartments. Located in Denver, Colorado, each of their 11 themed apartment properties is unique in styling. From outdoor cabin-inspired The Lodge to road inspired Route 66 to a calm Zen-like Shambhala, there's no place like home.  GARD […]

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Not for the faint hearted. I’m now depressed for the evening.

Since I was out of town last week, it’s taken a while to get back in the swing of things. I decided to visit a few of my other favorite Earth Friendly blogs. When I went to I… I don’t even know what to type. I am so sad from watching this advertisement. I […]

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General Motors Announced the Death of their SUVs!

Yes, that title’s correct. General Motors decided to kill their beloved SUVs! Amazing isn’t it? No one expected such a quick and drastic decision, but that’s exactly what happened when General Motors’ senior executives met in late May. The $2 billion overhaul of their SUVs, the CXX project, was in the grave without a single […]

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Tin Can Angels bring some fun to your holiday decor this year.

It about that time to start thinking about how to decorate for the holidays. Halloween is ready to pass us by, then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas. So what are we to do when we want to have a Earth-Friendly and Green Holiday? To start off on a fun note, here are some creative Tin Can […]

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How to Lower Your Energy Bills this Winter in 6 Easy Steps

December 21, 2008. With the first day of winter on the horizon, we're all going to be spending more time indoors and that means rising energy bills to keep warm. Here's a few simple tips you can start to save a few extra bucks while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. 1. Natural […]

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Imperial Lily Floor Lamp – Curvy and Earth Friendly

  GARD Pro Not Registered   The Imperial Lily Floor Lamp available by Green Culture on is a wonderful addition to any room. Not only is it whimsical and organic in design, but it's Earth friendly as well. Crafted out of recycled content the metal base is curvy and eco-friendly, the lamp itself is […]

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Dangers of Methane Gas Increases to Our Planet

Created near the Earth's surface by the decay of organic matter, such as in the landfills, methane is then carried into the atmosphere by the rising air in the tropics. A relatively potent greenhouse gas, methane has a high global warming potential 25 times greater than carbon dioxide. Recent data shows that after a slowing […]

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