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The Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds and How to Add More to Your Diet

From the prevention of natural depression to prostate cancer Pumpkin seeds, or Pepitas, are surprisingly beneficial to your health. You'll want to save those seeds from pumkin carving. A rich source of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese and Tryptophan, Pumpkin seeds truly pack a powerful nutritional punch to any diet. Try tossing an ounce into […]

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Every Any Confetti Purse

Colorful Confetti Clutch Purse Made from Recycled Candy Wrappers

At only $28 the Every/Any clutch purse by Ecoist is colorfully functional. Made from recycled trash, candy wrappers in this purse’s case, Ecoist is diverting waste from landfills and planting a tree for every product sold. No matter what the occasion this Confetti Every/Any clutch purse is fun and will hold your most essential belongings; […]

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Airstream is Making it Easier Than Ever to Camp without the Hassle of Buying an Airstream Trailer

For nearly 80 years, Airstream trailers are still as super-stylish and environmentally friendly as ever. Nearly 70% of all Airstream trailers ever produced are still on the road and avoiding the landfills. Airstream trailers are definitely built to last. Airstream has teamed with KOA campsites to make camping easier. Brand-new and stationary Airstream silver bullets […]

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Farewell, My Subaru is a Motivational and Humorous Take on the Sustainable Epic Adventure of Doug Fine in New Mexico

Entertaining and motivational, Farewell, My Subaru is the epic adventure of Doug Fine in local living without electricity, plumbing, and more. A quick and easy read about Fine's life on a “sprawling, crumbling, forty-one acre New Mexico spread,” Farewell, My Subaru is full of humor, recipes, and helpful information about his life off-grid. Chances are […]

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Eco Tourism Can Be So Much More than Earth Friendly Alerternative Transportation

True ecotourism can be simply defined as a trip or vacation that leaves minimal impact on the destination's environment. Why then, do many environmentally conscious people fail to consider the actual policies and practices of hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts when making reservations for their “eco-friendly” vacations? Many travelers do take part in environmentally […]

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Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act of 2009 Recently Introduced

With the aim to help America reinvent how we produce and use energy, US Senators John Kerry (Democrat – Massachusetts) and Barbara Boxer (Democrat – California) just introduced their “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.” Millions of Americans will be able to get back to work, the environment and our children's health will be […]

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“One donated textbook inspired [William Kamkwamba] to build a windmill in his village.”

One man, one donated textbook, and one dream became inspiration for thousands of Africans. Born in Malawi, a land shrunken by drought and hunger, William Kamkwamba was given a donated textbook that inspired him to build a windmill in his village. Thankfully, his dreams of bringing running water and electricity were not discouraged by the […]

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Since 1972 Santa Cruz Organic has Been Committed to Producing High Quality Organic Products

Using only the highest quality organic ingredients available, Santa Cruz Organic features more than 50 products. Everything from organic fruit juices to organic chocolate syrups to organic peanut butters, Santa Cruz Organic has set the standard with organic products. And with four decades under their belt, they have perfected their recycling and energy practices to […]

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Limited Time Offer: 2 for 1 Antarctica Cruise Sale with GAP Adventures

With over 90% of GAP Adventures' Expedition tours sold out for the season, GAP Adventures is offing an unprecedented limited time offer for the last few traveling October 31st with 2-for-1 savings or 50% off single travellers! GARD Pro Not Registered     The Grand Voyage to Antarctica Expedition is 24 days to the world's […]

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Ecotourism 2nd Edition

Alternative tourism, or ecotourism in the broad sense, can be defined as a type of tourism that tries to be harmonious with social, community, and natral values. Guests, as well as the hosts, need to benefit in a positive and worthwhile interaction to truly be considered ecotourism. What are some of the impacts mainstream tourism […]

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