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General Motors (GM) is Creating Buzz Around their Hybrid Cars and Trucks

Being the first in the auto market to produce a quality electric vehicle, GM could have built a strong foundation in the alternative fuel and energy efficient car market years before the competition. Unfortunately General Motors was left to compete with other auto makers years later after the Toyota Prius gained undeniable popularity. At last […]

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Tesla Revamps Website while Introducing the New Tesla Roadster 2.5

Refreshed in design and technology, Tesla Motors announced the Roadster 2.5 last week along with their website redesign (see below). Among the improvements of better sound dampening and improved seat cushions, the internal finishes and overall Tesla Roadster 2.5 design are only among a few of the new features the Tesla Roadster 2.5 will include. To see […]

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Mark Your Calendars – Roadmonkey’s Latest Expedition Announced for Patagonia Wine Country in January 2011

A first trip to Patagonia, Roadmonkey recently announced it’s January 2011 Patagonia Expedition will combine horseback riding, bicycling, and a local volunteer project. This expedition will be Roadmonkey’s second trip to Latin America and will include some of the most breathtaking landscape on the planet. Located in Argentina and Chile, the Patagonia Expedition will take […]

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