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Recycling Materials into One of a Kind Dinosaur Mosaics

Jodie Atherton has an artistic ceramics studio in Laramie, WY where she creates mixed media sculptures incorporating recycled materials into hand crafted ceramic figures and mosaics. This is Jodie’s “Dinosaur Mosaic” line. The mosaics are created on top of a plaster jacket that was used to transport dinosaur bones and other fragile fossils home from a field site to […]

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Make Every Bite Count. Learn Healthy Eating Habits for Pregnancy.

If you start eating healthy before pregnancy it becomes much easier to make a few minor adjustments to your diet when you become pregnant. This is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. If this isn't the case, hopefully you'll know right away when you become pregnant so you can make […]

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I’m Pregnant and Exhausted – And I’m Supposed to Exercise?

You're pregnant and exhausted – and yes, you're supposed to exercise. Or at least keep up a somewhat active lifestyle. Staying fit during a pregnancy is never easy, especially if you're someone experiencing symptoms of fatigue and low energy. Exercising can actually help increase your energy levels, but there are many other benefits to exercising […]

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