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Memorial Ecosystems Started the Trend for Eco-Burial Sites Across the United States

Memorial Ecosystems was the first nature-friendly burial operation in America thanks to Dr. Billy Campbell. Less than a decade ago, Dr. Campbell began offering natural burials on his 32-acre nature preserve in Westminster, South Carolina. No embalming fluids are present here. Instead you can expect a biodegradable casket, perhaps locally harvested wood or even cardboard, […]

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Steel Coffin Couch

Steel Coffins Are Becoming Unique Couches in California

Join Jesse James of “West Coast Choppers” and Kat Von D of “LA Ink” and get your own custom couch made from a recycled 18-gauge steel coffin by These are coffins not used due to slight cosmetic imperfections. Constructed with heavy duty vinyl or leather, these one-of-a-kind coffin couches can be customized with embroidery […]

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