3 Father’s Day Gifts for Earth Friendly DIY Dad

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Best Fathers Day Gifts for an Eco-Friendly Dad

Many dads love being helpful and fixing things around the house. Whether your dad is a real Mr. Fix It or is closer to Tim “the tool man” Taylor (reference: Home Improvement), why not celebrate his passion with the perfect gift for a DIY enthusiast? Here are three gifts, two fun and one practical, for you to show dad how much you care.

Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Dads

Nailed It Desk Organizer

This desktop organizer ($58) is quirky and fun for any desk. If your dad loves doing things himself he’ll appreciate this handmade desk organizer from salvaged tool parts and recycled steel. :: Available at Amazon

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Fathers Day Gift - DIY Dad - Nailed It Desk Organizer

Perched Parrot

Help dad make a DIY statement with this handmade parrot ($98). Created in Utah designer Fred Conlon uses recycled materials, including an adjustable wrench for the body, a crest of nails for feathers, and cut steel wings. :: Available at Amazon

Fathers Day Gift - DIY Dad - Perched Parrot

Rapid Battery Charger

Energy Star qualified this rapid battery charger by Makita ($160) charges Li-Ion batteries in about 30 minutes with the fast charge. :: Available at Amazon

Fathers Day Gift - DIY Dad - Makita Energy Star Rapid Battery Charger

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