4 Fun Spring Accessories from Green Designers

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JPrep tote bag by Big Buddha

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We love fashion, but we love it more when it doesn’t harm the environment, utilize unethical labor practices or disrespect animals. If you have been craving some new accessories for spring, check out these adorable finds from established eco-friendly fashion lines.

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1. The Prep Bag

This colorful tote from Big Buddha (right) is the perfect shopping or work companion for spring. It comes in bright, color-blocked shades of hot pinks, corals, blues and neon, which makes it fit right in with the bright colors seen on spring runways. The bag is faux leather with gold trim and chain link shoulder straps. Big Buddha is guaranteed vegan and animal friendly, so you can rest assured that your accessory will come without the added cost of environmental harm.

2. Plum Pom Pom Necklace

This necklace is so cool! This pompom necklace by A Alicia is handmade from ethically produced, re-worked vintage fabrics. The shade of plum is adorable, and the pompom style is girly and casual enough to wear throughout the day, but can also be dressed up for a cool tribal look for night.

Plum Pom Pom Necklace by A Alicia

3. The Lucy Bag

The Lucy bag from re-Collect is super chic and looks much more expansive that it’s £65 price tag. Made from used wheel-barrow tubes. You can choose zippers in any color you wish, or in silver or brass. This is a true Hollywood-chic bag, and the final effect looks like an exotic, expensive leather.

Lucy Bag by re-Collect

4. Oceane Starfish Wrist Cuff

This Oceane wrist cuff by Hovey Lee is the perfect accessory for spring and summer. It’s not cheap, but you can literally wear it every day, with anything. It’s great for day, whether heading to work or relaxing poolside, or night and has been hand made from reclaimed brass.

Oceane Starfish bracelet by Hovey Lee

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