4 Ways to Go Green with Your Online Business

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4 Ways to Go Green with Your Online Business

This guest post is by Tasha Yang of makecrazymoney.org.

As an increasing number of people are concerned with going green and helping the environment, more businesses are focusing on embracing these principles in order to keep up with customer demands and to help the planet. Online businesses may have a harder time embracing green policies in the workplace. Although by definition many online businesses already adhere to some green practices since they do not have large retail establishments or storefronts, there are still several ways than an online business can go green. Here are four easy ways to help the environment while still helping your business to succeed.

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1. Virtual Business Travel

Many online businesses travel extensively around the country or even the world to meet with clients, buyers or potential investors. While some travel may be necessary for the benefit of your business, make sure that you also consider virtual conferences in lieu of expensive travel that creates extensive carbon emissions. For the price of just one plane ticket, you could buy a virtual conferencing system to make communicating with clients in real time easier than ever.

2. Encourage Employees to Work from Home

If you have an online business that does not receive physical clients in the office, you may have the option of working from home instead of in a central location. Rather than paying for a large office space, using electricity, forcing your employees to make long commutes which uses more fossil fuels and wasting valuable time each day coming to and from work, you can have employees work from home. Not only will they appreciate the time they save each day, but you will have lower overhead expenses and help the environment at the same time. It may also surprise you to learn that employees who work from home are actually more productive than those who work in an office setting.

3. Reduce Product Packaging

If your online business sells a product that gets shipped, there may be ways that you can reduce the amount of packaging used. Many products use plastic, Styrofoam and cardboard unnecessarily, and customers often prefer less packing material and a more environmentally friendly shipping policy.

4. Embrace Internet Correspondence

Many businesses use physical mail or flyers in mailboxes to attract local customers and clients. While that may be effective in some cases, it is also damaging for the environment. A smarter and more cost-effective option it to use Internet correspondence instead. Social media networking and communication may prove to be more effective at reaching clients, offering discounts to consumers and increasing brand awareness, and it will be significantly cheaper than mailing paperwork to a person’s home.

Adopting green practices for your online business can help to cut energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and encourage environmentally conscious consumers to patronize your business. These four steps can go a long way in transforming your online company into a green business.

Tasha Yang writes for financial blogs nationwide.  She writes for <a href=”http://www.makecrazymoney.org/”>www.makecrazymoney.org/</a>.  Click <a href=”http://www.makecrazymoney.org/blog/google-panda-recovery/”>here</a> for more tips on making money.

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