5 Top Tips To Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient

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5 Top Tips To Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient

This guest post is by Sebastian Cowie of Directasia.com.

Getting the right fuel efficiency for your car is becoming increasingly important. As well as saving money, having a good fuel efficiency is better for the environment in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, and brings your car in line with regulations on fuel economy and green driving. Reduced fuel usage can result in lower road taxes, and a better cost of driving overall. Some of the best ways to improve your car’s fuel efficiency range from altering your driving habits to cutting down on vehicle weight, and also include making regular checks of the engine and investing in more fuel efficient models. These cost savings, and more, are expanded upon below:

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1 – General Driving Tips

When driving, make sure that you switch off your engine while in traffic, as this can lead to wasted petrol. You should also try to cruise when in traffic, with 55 miles an hour as the optimum speed for most vehicles. Moreover, try to use cruise control when you can to reduce the pressure on the engine of your car, and avoid over accelerating and hard braking, as this can burn through much more fuel than more moderate driving.

2 – Tire Inflation

Under inflated tires can put a lot of strain on a car engine, and can result in it having to burn more fuel in order to remain in an optimum condition. You should check the gauge and inflation recommendation of your tires via your manual or at a garage. A tire that is even 8 pounds under inflated can lead to a 5 per cent reduction in fuel efficiency. Moreover, worn and chipped tires can increase drag, and generate more hazards when driving.

3 – Don’t Take On So Much Weight

One simple way to improve your fuel efficiency is to reduce the amount of weight that you are carrying. Empty out the boot of your car of non essential items, and remove a roof rack if not being used, as well as any bikes fixed to the back of your car. Reducing the weight of a car will make it more aerodynamic, with an extra 100 pounds of weight reducing a fuel economy by as much as 1 to 2 per cent.

4 – Check Suspension and the Engine

You should be making regular checks of your car’s suspension and its engine performance as part of the basic maintenance of the vehicle. Look for misalignment on the chassis of the car, and particularly focus on loose axles and springs that might be causing a significant amount of drag on the car. Moreover, tighten petrol caps to reduce evaporation, and get your engine regularly checked for a build up of dirt, or any deteriorating parts.

5 – Invest in More Fuel Efficient Cars

The best way to improve the fuel efficiency of your car can sometimes be to trade it in for a more fuel efficient model. If possible, look for cars that can manage at least 35 to 40 mpg, and consider the benefits of hybrids and plug in electric cars. Hybrids alternate between a combustion engine and an electric motor, and will use much less fuel than a standard car. In terms of general fuel efficiency, models like the Honda CR-Z, the Ford Focus BEV, and the Toyota Prius V come particularly recommended.

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