5 Ways to Go Green in your Office Cubicle

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5 Ways to Go Green in your Office Cubicle

This guest post is by David Ching of eqaofficefurniture.com.

“Going green” may be somewhat trendy these days, but it is also an excellent way to create a healthier environment. Many people conserve and recycle when they are at home, but pay little attention at the office. You may not be involved in executive decision making at your company, but it’s still possible to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint at work.

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Wondering how? Here are easy 5 ways to go green in your cubicle:

1. Carpool or Use Public Transportation your Ride to the Office If you aren’t able to telecommute and work from home, consider taking the bus or train or catching a ride to the office with a co-worker. If you do not live in an area with a mass transit system, chipping in for gas rather than buying it yourself (or having someone give you gas money to take them to work) is wallet-friendly and a good way to lower pollution. Live incredibly close to work? Ride your bike or walk!

2. Think Before You Print Even though email and instant messages have become the preferred method of communication in most offices, far too many employees still print out memos and other documents that could just as easily be read online. When you must print, use recycled paper whenever possible and print on both sides of the page. Try to limit your use of Post-It notes, too!

3. Recycle And speaking of recycling, always follow your office’s recycling procedures. Place papers, plastics, cans, printer cartridges, boxes and bags into the appropriate recycling container rather than your trash can or the dumpster. If your workplace does not have an effective recycling program in place, start one and remind your co-workers to participate.

4. Skip the Brown Bag If you bring your lunch from home, utilize reusable plastic containers and cooler bags as well as washable utensils rather than plastic forks and spoons. If you prefer eating out, try to limit your use of Styrofoam containers and napkins by placing a larger order with a few co-workers. Skip the expensive coffee shop and pour your own into a reusable mug. Avoid bottled water and use a reusable bottle with built-in filter.

5. Don’t Be an Energy Hog Make sure that your computer is set to an energy-saving setting and be sure to shut it down when you go home each evening. A computer left on standby will continue to use energy even when the computer is not being used. If you have your own printer, scanner or other electronic devices that are not used frequently, unplug them until you need to use them. Avoid using desk lamps, radios, electric pencil sharpeners or other non-necessities in your cubicle. If you must use them, turn off or unplug them when you’re finished to conserve energy.

These are just a few suggestions to help get you started on your quest of going green in your cubicle. Let your co-workers know what you are doing, and ask them for their input! Chances are high that you’re not the only one who is interested in saving the environment.

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