5 Ways To Save Energy In The Kitchen For The Modern Lady

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Save Energy In The Kitchen

This is a guest post by Isaac of Cliq Studios.

The modern lady is busy, sociable and very often finds herself juggling many tasks at once. This leaves her with limited time for domestic chores… In a modern ladies mind, anything that makes life easy is a win… However, this busy schedule often neglects thought for how to conserve energy in the home. Here are ways that a modern lady can save energy in the home:

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Saving energy in the kitchen involves revisiting how almost every ‘activity area’ and appliance is used. Awareness of ways to change behaviours that result in the unnecessary use of electricity can not only lower electric bills but also benefit the environment. A careful look at the way appliances and cooking procedures increase the cost of electricity reveal many areas in the kitchen that can produce huge energy savings.

The areas to find ways to save electricity in the kitchen include large appliances, small appliances, and cooking methods. Simple changes to each area can make a big difference in the amount that appears on an electric bill. A persistent effort to cut unnecessary use of electric power can result in significant savings.

Cooking tips

  • Large appliances like big cookers, freezers and the refrigerator create a heavy draw on energy. Cookers have several energy saving options and have really focused their efforts on finding ways to encourage the conservation of energy and subsequently lower operating costs.
  • Use a toaster oven for small items instead of the oven.
  • Use the residual heat in a burner or oven as a way to cut down on energy. Both stay hot enough to continue cooking long after they turn off.
  • Keep the reflectors clean so they can increase the available heat.

Lower the cost of using the refrigerator and freezer

  • Set the freezer and refrigerator temperatures at the level manufacturers recommend.
  • Check the seals on the refrigerator to make sure they do not let cold air escape. If a dollar bill pulls through the seals when the refrigerator door is closed, they may need replacements.

Save energy that produces heat or cold

Appliances that are hot keep heat for a long time, even in the off position. Many foods can reach a last stage of cooking by using the heat that remains in the oven or burner.

  • Put a lid on foods that can continue to cook after they come off the burner. Boiled eggs and rice are two items that work well with this method.
  • Fit the size of the pan to the size of the burner.

Store foods properly

  • Use a cover on food that is stored in the refrigerator. Uncovered food creates moisture that needs extra cooling power.
  • Wait until hot food cools down prior to refrigerating it.

Use water wisely

  • Make sure to use cold water from the kitchen faucet, unless there is a reason to use hot water.
  • Avoid using energy for the hot water heater unnecessarily.

With a small amount of thought and planning, a modern lady can save energy in the kitchen and lower the costs of operating the appliances as well. Small efforts can produce big savings for the smart and efficient cook. Many ways to save on energy in the kitchen are available to anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of doing so – not just the modern lady!

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