7 Best Delights of Turkey

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7 Best Delights of Turkey

This guest post is by Richard Keane.

Turkey with its stunning scenery and a rich historic legacy is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world. It has many delightful and popular places and is a perfect holiday destination to suits all your requirements. The fabulous and different attractions from the dome of Istanbul to the roman ruins along the coast of turkey are drawing visitors in from all around the world. Let us see some of the most visited and delightful places of turkey that you should not miss during your visit:

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St. Sophia Museum

St. Sophia Museum

St. Sophia Museum is the one which is considered and nominated by many authors and historians as the eighth wonder of the world. It is one of the architectural marvels built by Constantine the Great in the 4th century and was reconstructed in the 6th century by Justinian.


Pamukkale is known for its sparkling white castle which looks like many cascades. The name Pamukkale itself means “cotton castle”. These castles are formed by limestone-laden thermal springs. The mineral water collected into the sacred pool is famous for its benefits and are known to have healing powers.

Mount Nemrut

It is the best place to tour for ancient history lovers. It is a young inactive volcano with two famous peaks. These peaks were located in Adiyaman and Eastern Anatolia. This mountain was rediscovered in the 1881 and the archaeological activity began in 1953.  Here you can find various Greek and Persian god statues.

Blue Mosque

Blue mosque was built between 1609 and 1616 and is still used as a mosque. The high ceiling inside the mosque is lined with 20,000 blue tiles of different patterns which give it its name. The six minarets and sweeping architecture of the mosque add beauty to the mosque from outside.

Topkapi palace

Topkapi palace is one of Turkey’s great gems; it served royal sultans for about 400 years and was a political centre of the Ottoman Empire between 15th and 19th centuries. Topkapi palace became a museum after the fall of the Ottoman Empire; many Muslim religious relics were kept in the museum.


Olympos’s main attraction Chimera is the natural wonder and best viewed at night time. Chimera has been burning since antiquity. From a distance, this appears as if the mountains are on fire. Olympos has a white bordering beach which is ideal for spending a joyful day doing water sports.


Aspendus is the most treasured tourist city that collects the information and facts about the historical past. It is well known for its preserved ancient theatres of antiquity. This theatre can accommodate 15,000 to 20,000 spectators.

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