A LEED Platinum Craftsman in Sacramento, California (SMUD).

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When you think of LEED Platinum, do you think of ultra modern home designs? I used to before I saw the newest LEED Platinum certified home, the first for the Sacramento area – it's a Craftsman Bungalow! I'm very excited about this, not just because of the Platinum rating or the 80% savings in energy costs, but it's a beautiful Craftsman Bungalow. Growing up here in Orange County, CA I've frequently visited the historical district at the Orange Circle and these are my favorite designs of all times. I always thought I'd end up buying one of those turn of the century homes, but now I have another option. 

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At just under 2000 square feet, technology and materials are now available to anyone looking to create the home of their dreams – with an eco-friendly attitude. This specific home uses a solar energy system by BP Solar Integra, a solar PV system, and a Xantrex XW 6048 inverter. The lucky homeowners will be saving 84% on monthly electrical and gas bills.

For more information on this great project, head over to JetsonGreen.com.

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