A Natural Leap to an Earth Friendly Night’s Sleep

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Did you know that the average person will spend one-third of their life in bed? That's a long time to be surrounded by a possibly unhealthy environment. Many of us know to eat right, exercise and choose to purchase healthier, non-synthetic, materials to surround us. A natural leap to include the bedroom makes sense. Choose natural materials instead of the more common synthetic commercial products on the market. Not only will you be doing our fragile planet a huge service, but you'll find your quality of sleep and health can increase.

So if it's been 10 to 15 years since you've replaced your mattress, this is the average for many people, then you might want to know what to look for. The easiest thing to look for would be for a mattress made of natural materials. As you become more aware of additional things to consider, you'll learn about how that natural material was cultivated and manufactured. Natural materials that are from sustainable resources are a great way to take the next step.

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One of the companies dedicated to the environment when creating mattresses is Keetsa. Starting with a recycled foam base in their mattresses, finding a new way to provide support to no longer need the box spring, and learning that by compressing the mattresses for shipping it reduces cost and the carbon footprint.

If you just purchased a new mattress or can't make that kind of purchase at this time, then don't fret. There are some simple things you can start doing to make your bedroom healthier. Allow fresh air to circulate in your room by leaving the windows open at night. If the temperature takes a dip, then just add more blankets while leaving the window cracked.

Another Earth friendly idea that is a little friendlier on the wallet would be to switch out your bedding to more Earth friendly bedding, such as 100% bamboo. Bamboo sheets will offer luxury from a renewable resource, and they are hypo allergenic. Now you are a little more prepared to start looking for a way to make your life a little better while caring for the planet.

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Naturally Earth Friendly was born out of a love for everything healthy and good for our bodies and planet. This includes tips to adjust our everyday lives, environmentally conscious efforts we can make and smarter natural products that help make a difference. It's possible to head towards a more sustainable future and we can do it together.

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