A tetrafuel car? What are we missing out on?

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tetrafuel car

I’ve never been attracted to Digg.com, I understand what it is and like what I’ve seen, but never enough to just sit around reading articles like my husband. That is until now, I’ve fallen in love with their Environment section.

That’s exactly where I read an interesting article by Cyrus Farivar. In it he talks about the use of multifuel cars, where you can fill up on one or both fuels. It doesn’t matter what the ratio is, the car will adjust it’s systems and make it work. Who knows where gas prices are going to be next year, why aren’t these being offered here? Detroit are you listening?

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Right now it’s being made in Brazil (Betim Plant), Argentina (Ferreyra), Turkey (Bursa), Poland (Tychy), India (Pune), South Africa (Rosslyn), China (Yuelin) and Vietnam and also built under licence in Nampo, North Korea, as the Pyeonghwa Hwiparam.

From 2004 to 2007, sales more than doubled just in Brazil. What’s taking Detroit so long? Why aren’t they here? I think Toyota did a good job making the American car manufacturer’s realize there is a market for those of us who want something eco-friendly with the Prius.

Take a look at what we’re missing out on. Like I already mentioned, the Brazil FIAT Siena is available with 1.0 and 1.4 Fire engines and 1.8 engine. All the engines are flexfuel (Brazilian gasoline and Ethanol) and one 1.4 Fire is tetrafuel (Nafta, Brasilian gasoline, Ethanol and Natural Gas for cars). It’s the fourth generation, and looks like a keeper. I wonder how long until something like this is offered here in the states, hopefully not too long.

Fiat Sienna - One of Brazils multifuel cars, that is it runs on gasoline and ethanol.
Fiat Sienna – One of Brazil’s multifuel cars, that is it runs on gasoline and ethanol. Looks pretty good for an eco-friendly vehicle, don’t you think?

To read the entire article by Cyrus Farivar, click here.

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