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Anja. Launched in 2007, this ethical fashion collection is deeply connected with nature. Nature is the inspiration for Anja. You'll see it in the organic shapes, natural fabrics and earthy shades. Designer Beryl Man wants to promote global fair trade and emphasize a sustainable lifestyle. She envisioned a shift towards a healthier lifestyle and saw that fashion was a reflection of our era. With the movement towards eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly, Earth friendly, "going green," whatever you wish to call the world's decision to move towards more natural practices – Beryl Man made it happen with organic and sustainable materials, unique shapes and textures, and inspiration from our planet Earth.

Organic materials abound in every collection. Not only will you find certified organic cotton, bamboo organic cotton, and bamboo cashmere but also see lyocell, blue nankeen, free range alpaca, Himalayan cashmere, Ahimsa silk, and Vermont organic wool. Naturally colored with vegetable dyes, these fabrics are soft, luxurious, and environmentally-friendly. The Ahimsa silk is cultivated from wild silk worms after they become moths and fly out of the cocoon. The silk thread has an uneven, natural look because of this "non violent" method of retrieving silk. You can see the passion behind every design. It's not for the penny pincher, but has been created to last and treasured.

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