An Affordable Eco-Friendly Home? Postgreen Delivers in Philadelphia.

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PostGreen Eco-Friendly House

Affordable. That was the key in developing the 100K House, an ambitious attempt to prove that Earth friendly construction can be affordable when properly designed and executed. The first development project by Postgreen, 100K House Project is named from the target construction cost (labor and materials only). Talk about affordable! 

Loft style townhomes, the 100K House and 120K House are located in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Each with two levels, both townhomes feature 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Some of the green and Earth friendly aspects of the projects are LEED Platinum certification and a few inspired ideas; rainwater collection, radiant floor heating, an ivy “green wall” outside and solar thermal hot water.

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Unfortunately, both finished homes are sold. Not to worry with more promised.

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