Appliances Online Green Survey 2012

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Appliances Online Green Survey 2012

Should Large Retailers Be Better At Being Green?

At Appliances Online we are conducting a survey to find out whether large retailers can be more helpful with the eco information they give to consumers.

Do people really understand energy symbols? Do they feel carbon offsetting is a worthwhile endeavour? Do we focus too much on the new products and forget the environmental impact of disposing of our old ones?

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How we present this information is based only on what we know. But how can we be sure that’s what customers want to know? We want the public to tell us what retailers should be doing better.

Anyone taking part in the survey will be able fill in a free text box. This will give them an opportunity to tell us exactly what they want. And we will listen. Every single entry will be read and recorded.

We are asking for your help to spread the word of this survey by promoting it on your website, blog, twitter, Facebook, anywhere you can.  And in return we will share the results with you.  We hope this survey will be an opportunity to really find out the environmental issues that matter most to consumers on a national and global scale.

We are not just focusing on our customers; we are opening this survey up globally. Our customer’s have an opinion that deserves to be heard, but others across the world will have a valid contribution too. Their voice can also have an impact on our retail and how we think about the Eco issue.

The survey will be hosted at  on Wednesday 23rd May for two weeks.

If you’d like more information about this initiative, please contact Amy Boff via email at [email protected]

Contact: Amy Boff
Email: [email protected]

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