Aquaponic Food Production Using Aquaponic System

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Aquaponics is easier than growing fish in a fish tank aquarium. And you get to eat them! Well, as long as you grow something you want to eat. Usually baramundi, tilapia and catfish are grown in aquaponics systems, but you can grow goldfish if you wanted.

In addition to raising your own fish, you are making the system easier by growing plants who help to filter the water for you. This system is a natural ecosystem that provides food for you and your family.

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How Aquaponics System Works

We discovered this fantastic aquaponics infographic from Aquaponic Systems:

How Aquaponics Works Infographic, see transcription

"How Aquaponics Works" image © Reynolds Thomas

How Aquaponics Works Infographic Transcription:

Fish are fed food and produce Ammonia rich waste. Too much waste substance is toxic for the fish, but they can withstand high levels of Nitrates.

The bacteria, which is cultured in the grow beds as well as the fish tank, breaks down this Ammonia into Nitrites and then Nitrates.

Plants take in the converted Nitrates as nutrients. The nutrients are a fertilizer, feeding the plants. Also, the plant roots help filter the water for the fish.

Water in the system is filtered through the grow medium in the grow beds. Thw water also contains all the nutrients for the fish.

Oxygen enters the system through an air pump and during dry periods. This oxygen is essential for plant growth and fish survival.

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