Are you tired of throwing away Junk Mail?

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The American people have consistently shown we don’t like junk mail. In fact, since 1991, national polls have shown 80 to 90% of us would do something to get rid of it, if we could. The truth of the matter is that we want to opt out of unsolicited ad mail, 89% of Americans to be exact.

It’s possible to remove your name from junk mailers’ lists, but it’s not very easy. There are thousands and thousands of direct mailers and to ask each one individually to opt-out would be almost impossible. 

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Forest Ethics thankfully started a wonderful website dedicated solely to solving this problem, They say it best, “Junk mail wastes our time, destroys our environment, and invades our privacy.” That’s why they started their campaign for the Do Not Mail Registry. You can help by signing the petition on their website by clicking here.

If you prefer to not do any work yourself, check out

Until the US Government creates this registry, there are some things you can do to start cancelling some of the largest offenders of junk mail. Ways to start opting out of junk mail on our own are given here on‘s website. These include a form to preset your information into a file that is easy to print, then you simply sign your name and mail to each company. Some companies offer opt-out requests either by phone or e-mail.

Do you support a Do Not Mail Registry? If so, then click here and voice your opinion. 



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