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Naturally Earth Friendly was born out of a love for everything healthy and good for our bodies and planet. This includes tips to adjust our everyday lives, environmentally conscious efforts we can make and smarter natural products that help make a difference. It's possible to head towards a more sustainable future and we can do it together.

Medical Hazard At Work

Medical Hazard At Work

A sore throat, runny nose and fever are all commonly known as symptoms of a flu or common cold. What most people are unaware of is that it’s possible to get sick by sitting at your desk at work. An office desk tends to harbor more bacteria and germs than a toilet! It might be […]

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Apple iPhones and iPhone Apps

Apple Shines with Green Advances and Popular Apps

As technology continues to grow around the planet consumers and companies are discovering we must be careful of their environmental impact. Many companies are changing their manufacturing techniques and designs. From their eco-friendly measures on the Apple iPhone 4 to the iPhone app developers creating green apps, Apple continues to lead the pack. Apple Minimizes […]

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Vladimir Putin Ultralight

Ultralight Aircraft News: Russian President Flies Ultralight to Encourage Crane Migration

In an effort to help save endangered cranes on their southern migration Russian President Vladimir Putin took flight in an ultralight aircraft early last month. Accompanied by pilot Igor Nikitin in the two-seat trike aircraft the ultralight helped lead a flock of rare White Siberian Cranes to their migration route. Putin wore a white jumpsuit […]

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Mortgage Professionals See Increase in Housing Market

Mortgage Professionals See Increase in Housing Market

The American housing market continues to look strong as we enter the fourth quarter of 2012. With an all-time low 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate of 3.40% the housing market also appears to be lifting off the ground. Add the increasing home buyers purchasing power today and buyers are realizing the low mortgage rates will […]

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Uruguay President José Mujica

Translation of Rio +20 Summit Speech by Uruguay President José Mujica

Thank you to Veronica Pamoukaghlian, creator of The Wander Life Blog, for sharing this translation with us.  The following is a translation of the speech given by Uruguay President José Mujica at the Rio +20 Summit on June 20, 2012 in front of representatives of 139 from around the World. GARD Pro Not Registered To all of […]

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Types of Oil Pumps

Types of Oil Pumps: High Pressure Oil Pumps vs. High Volume Oil Pumps

Auto manufacturers continue to improve their engines with better fuel consumption and lower emissions. They are constantly attempting to reduce any loss from engine power and improve the engine components. The oil pump is one of the areas of a traditional internal combustion engine’s loss of power. Without oil lubricating engine components correctly the engine […]

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Big Bad Corn Infographic

Big Bad Corn

Have you ever thought what corn is really used for in the United States? The U.S. Government began to subsidize corn in the late 1970s in an attempt to replace fossil fuels. However, ethanol from corn is not very efficient for fuel. In fact the ethanol made from corn increases the greenhouse gases when compared […]

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Green Real Estate Investing Basics

Green Real Estate Investing Basics

When it comes to investing in real estate it can be quite overwhelming for beginners. As with any investment strategies, it really helps if you understand the basics and general strategies before you invest in real estate. It’s commonplace for beginners to quickly go over their budget in a home renovation project. This includes green […]

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Get Healthier Air in Schools with Electrostatic Furnace Filters

Get Healthier Air in Schools with Electrostatic Furnace Filters

Parents want their children to be safe and healthy. Unfortunately, some dangers cannot be seen to avoid. This includes the air quality in their classrooms. Children spend many hours in school and the low quality of indoor air can really affect their growing lungs. Several schools across the country are realizing the importance of fixing […]

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Samsung Galaxy S III Solar-Powered Charger

Samsung Galaxy S III Solar-Powered Charger Coming Soon

Announced on August 13, 2012, Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. is launching a solar-powered charging case for the popular Samsung Galaxy S III smart phone. Following the successful launch of the EnerPlex for the iPhone 4S Ascent Solar now will have a solar charger for two of the most popular cell phones on the market. Although […]

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