How to Become a Naturally Earth Friendly Author

Naturally Earth Friendly‘s goal is to empower our readers to make eco-friendly improvements in their life. By doing their part we hope to create a sustainable future for us all.

Couple guest authoring article on laptop.Providing quality information by staying informed and educated ourselves takes time. It takes time to research. It takes time to write. It takes time to publish.

That’s why we welcome guest posts by readers, like you, to help provide our growing audience with useful information and green insights.

We love publishing content from our guest authors and loyal readers. 

It’s a great way for you to share your tips, ideas and views with like-minded environmentally friendly people and a wonderful way to promote your own website, social media profiles or products.

Who can become an author?

You. However, we ask for our guest authors to be passionate and know what they are talking about.

Possession of good writing skills is also equally important. This means proofreading, spell checking and editing your work. We are VERY STRICT about the quality we accept of guest blog posts. Be sure to submit your best work.

If this describes you, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Contact us (see below how) with a brief description of yourself, your interests, and your knowledge,
  2. If possible, include URLs to some articles or examples that showcase your writing skills in your email. (please use URLs if possible and avoid sending large attachments),
  3. Include 3 ideas for Earth friendly topics and articles you’d be excited to research and write about.

Again, we are looking for passionate people to guest post. It’s important you are dedicated about what you want to write about.

We love single article submissions, but a longer involvement is even better!

Article Specifics

College student writing guest post on laptop on park bench.

Guest articles don’t have to be extremely long. The important thing is you have something to share or an opinion.

We love informational guest posts, with helpful tips and solutions, and latest news articles covering recent eco developments around the world. Lastly, we are always trying to add Earth friendly product showcases and round-ups.

Here are a few rules:

  • The article you send must be unique and EXCLUSIVE to Please do not send a guest post that you’ve published in the past. It should also not be published again in the future.
  • Be relevant to our site. We only deal with NATURAL and environmentally friendly content. If you choose to send something related to cosmetic surgery you will be rejected. You can see topic ideas below.
  • We limit the link in the article body to one link. This link cannot be an affiliate link. It must be related to the post topic and the eco-friendly nature of the website. You’ll be able to add other links in the Guest Author Resource Box, see below.
  • We reserve the right to reject any article. If your guest article is rejected it is because it doesn’t meet our high standards, please see above. We might make small adjustments to the content and article formatting, but will never make wholesale changes.
  • Good guest authoring practice to promote your article once it goes live via social media channel. We encourage you to personally interact with any reader comments that are left on your guest submission.

Guest Author Resource Box

An “About the Author” resource box is included at the bottom of your article. This author byline should be limited to one or two sentences explaining what you do and who you are. You’re welcome to include up to 2 links (non-affiliate) to your website, social media profile, or blog in this area.

You will also get your own guest author page will the following, in addition to your author byline:

  • Image (100×100)
  • Website Link
  • Twitter Link
  • Facebook Link

Naturally Earth Friendly Topics

Young girl guest blogging on laptop.This is a website dedicated to everything Earth friendly or ecologically responsible. Therefore, all guest posts must be related to sustainability and fit with the overall goal of this website.

Here are some eco-friendly guest post suggestions:

  1.  In-depth articles that cover the environment, global warming, the history, or a series of articles on a particular aspect of sustainability
  2. The eco-industry: trends, statistics, detailed showcases, your impressions
  3. Sustainable advocacy: protests, strategies, rallies
  4. The usability of going green: your experiences, usability testing and case studies, tips and techniques, tutorials
  5. Opinion pieces: reviews of films, products or companies, your personal address to the community
  6. In the news: celebrities going green, bills and laws, perspectives of politicians and famous people
  7. Events: rallies, protests, expositions, festivals
  8. Audio files and transcriptions: interviews, press clips, speeches
  9. Videos and video transcriptions: press clips, interviews, historical footage, film previews, films, feature films, short films
  10. Images: infographics, graphs, historical photographs or posters
  11. Freebies: eBooks we can offer our readers for free, coupons, discounts, promotions, free trials

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