Blooming Tea Beauties Captivate Tea Drinkers with Subtle Flavor and Dancing Petals

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Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set

Watching Flowering teas expand as they slowly steep in hot water unveils colorful visions of beautiful flowers that lay hidden within long slender tea leaves.

A Farmer Created Flowering Teas

The history of Flowering tea is rooted in ingenuity. The majority of teas today available at Numi Organic Tea are the same ancient brews that have been developed over thousands of years. The invention of Flowering teas, which were only discovered ten years ago, started when a farmer experimented with sewing tea leaves and flowers together. He transformed them into bundles and found that when they were steeped in water and the leaves slowly expanded the result was breathtaking.

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Did You Know You Can Enjoy Flowering Tea Repeatedly?

There are so many full leaves in each hand-sewn bundle of Flowering tea that the flavors and aromas will continue to infuse the water pot after pot. You can steep one Flowering tea bud three or four times.

Numi Organic Tea Introduces Flowering Teas in 2005 With Great Success

Numi Organic Tea Offers Hand Sew Flowering Teas Numi Organic Tea Offers Hand Sew Flowering Teas

Teas are hand-picked in China, paired with flowers in traditional and unusual combinations, and hand-sewn into rosettes that unfold into a flower shape as the tea steeps. In efforts to highlight the beautiful teas, Numi also sells clear teapots.

“We thought this would be a product that showed Numi was a premium brand.”
- Reem Rahim, a biomedical engineer turned artist and co-creator of Numi Tea

For more information, check out Numi’s Flowering Tea on the Spring 2006 issue cover of Business Week’s Small Biz! (Business_Weeks_Small_Biz_-_Ideas_that_Bloom_-_Numi_Organic_Tea.pdf)

To produce the Flowering teas, every morning in China white, green and black teas are hand picked. While damp, the tea leaves are flattened and sewn with cotton thread into the various shapes and bundles. (Tea leaves may also be scented with jasmine blossoms before sewing begins for a more floral flavor.) Some shapes take about one minute to sew while other more eloborate designs containing lilies or oesmanthus may take up to 10 minutes. While still moist, the leaves are shaped into balls, mushrooms, cones, etc. Finally, the teas go through the usual drying, oxidation and firing process.

This golden tea has a full-bodied flavor with highlights of peach. Enjoy the beauty of this floral nectar.Crisp aromatic lavender flowers are released into the crimson hue.

Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift SetNumi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set

Contained in a handcrafted mahogany bamboo chest, this organic tea gift set offers a glass teapot and six flowering tea blossoms to sample.

The teapot is included as the ideal way to observe the flowering tea petals. No strainers or tea bags required.

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