Bring in the Holiday Cheer with Chocolate

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Are you having trouble getting into the Holiday spirit this year? To help you get into the festive spirits of this Holiday season try some of the delectable chocolate treats Hotel Chocolat offers. No artificial preservatives are present in any of their chocolates so you can expect only the freshest when you receive them.


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Cool Yule Goody Bag - Chocolate drops (milk, white and caramel chocolate), Christmas white & milk fusion, milk snowman lick and white snowman lick.


Melt-away hazelnut and crispy pancake pralines, chocolate brownies, raspberry & prosecco, mellow caramel, lickably soft truffles and more. 40% and 50% high cocoa milk, white with cherries and dark with Valencia orange. Chili Penguins - 72% dark chocolate penguins, warmed up with a smidge of chili. Christmas Catwalk Collection - Champagne stars, spiced orange, rum & raisin, caramel, brandy, macadamia smoothie and much more.


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