California is the Biggest Emerging Green State in the US

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California is the Biggest Emerging Green State in the US

This was written by Richard Orban on behalf of Freedom Solar Power.

For the third consecutive year, California has emerged to be the top clean energy state in the United States. The state dominated the 2012 State Clean Energy Index as it continues to lead the country in establishing testing grounds for all kinds of clean energy solutions. California has taken the initiative to introduce clean energy and has installed various programs, which include: solar power, hybrid and electric vehicles and wind power.

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Sun power, a solar panel maker, recently announced that it plans to build a 100 MW solar panel farm in California, which is expected to provide power to 36,000 homes once construction on it is completed by 2016. California’s state mandate has made it compulsory for its investor-owned utilities to have 33% of their electricity generated by renewable energy. This has led to California utilities to embark on more of these solar power projects to meet the standard required as per the state mandate.

The California-based clean energy deployments have attracted over $9 billion in investments in the last three years, and this is one of the main reasons California is the biggest emerging clean state in the US. The investments attracted by the various projects deployed by investor-owned utilities have increasingly provided clean energy for California residents. The success of the clean energy advances made by California has enabled the green economy to grow in the United States and has enabled the state to make great progress in providing clean tech.

California has a long history in supporting renewable energy, and in the last three years over 11% of its electricity came from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power. The introduced of the Energy Commission’s Renewable Energy Program provided further incentive for the deployment of renewable energy systems and also aimed at teaching the public about the benefits of renewable energy.

The results indicated by the 2012 State Clean Energy Index clearly indicate that California is miles ahead of the rest of the states in the United States and that is largely due to its firm focus in establishing green energy deployments. California’s success in generating renewable energy to power thousands of homes provides a high level of national support for the use of clean-energy technology in the United States.

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