Can You Live in a 117 Square Foot House?

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Company introduced the newest member of their Tumbleweed family. The Walden is only 117 square feet – and it's not even the smallest house they sell! With a ready-made house costing around $50,000 it might get you thinking about downsizing.

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Built on a 7' by 18' utility trailer, the Walden features a stainless steel fireplace in the living room along with vaulted ceilings. For its size, this tiny house feels roomy and comes with lots of storage space. Even though this home will fit a queen sized mattress in the bedroom loft, it might be a little tight for a couple. The kitchen is the largest when compared to other Tumbleweed houses on wheels including a refrigerator, sink and 2 burner stove top. The small water heater is located between the sink. There is even enough room to add a dishwasher, washer/dryer, microwave or toaster oven.

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