Cancun Holidays: Perfect for Eco Warriors and Animal Lovers

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Cancun Holidays

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The international tourism development and ’7’-shaped Mexican strip of Cancun welcomed more than 6 million tourists in 2011. This number is set to increase annually thanks to the area’s white fine-sand beaches, Caribbean climate, warm waters, friendly locals, historically-rich Mayan temple sites, delicious Mexican eateries, large shopping district and its plethora of fantastic holiday resorts.

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Additionally, Cancun is an attractive holiday destination for those with a keen interest in environmental protection and/or animals due to the many parks and resorts there that are dedicated to such. These are just some of the attractions in Cancun devoted to the welfare, study of and/or interaction with flora and fauna:

  • El Eden Ecological Reserve (a tropical nature reserve);
  • Bonanza Ranch (providing jungle horseback rides);
  • Dolphinaris Cancun (a dolphin-focused attraction);
  • Acuario Interactivo (an interactive aquarium) and
  • The Tres Rios Ecopark (an eco-focused nature park).

Although this blog post is far too brief to discuss every single eco-friendly/animal-loving attraction located in Cancun, here is a closer look at the two that are most popular with tourists; Xcaret Park and Dolphinaris Cancun.

Xcaret Park

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Despite the fact that Xcaret Park is located around 40 miles south of Cancun, this eco-archaeological park is a popular stop for those taking Cancun holidays and this is hardly surprising considering just how much the resort has to offer its visitors!

Guests can swim through the park’s underground river, scuba in the nearby reefs, feed sharks from inside an underwater cage, sea trek and/or or explore the cultural heritage of the area by exploring the park’s replica Mayan villiage.

Just some of the other attractions that the 200 acre park boasts include:

  • Butterfly pavilion;
  • Breeding farm;
  • Coral Reef Aquarium;
  • Tropical Jungle Trail;
  • A Bat Cave;
  • Mushroom Farm and
  • Marine Turtles Cove.

The park has received a number of awards over the years for its eco-efforts, including a CSR Philanthropy (or; “the love of humanity”) award from the Mexican Centre and the Guinness World Record for breeding macaws.

Dolphinaris Cancun

Although it is possible to swim with dolphins at Xcaret Park, those who consider themselves to be a particular aficionado of these ‘clowns of the sea’ would be best ticking this activity off of their bucket list at Dolphinaris.

There Dolphinaris dolphinariums in a variety of locations and Cancun’s offers its visitors a wide range of activities that go beyond the typical “swimming with dolphins” affair, including the interactive program (ideal for young children or those who cannot swim) and the Trainer for a Day course, which sees participants become educated about dolphin psychology and learn the hand signals required to see the creatures perform tricks. In addition, those on this course will get involved in feeding time and a deep, underwater swimming session.

There is plenty of fun to be had at Dolphinaris when your chosen session is over too, for the resort also comprises a spate, slide-laden water park.

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