Canon goes Green!

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In the past it wasn't common for a "big" company and "eco-friendly" to be used in the same sentence. Today, it's practically required, or at least it should be. The eco-conscious consumer is smart, knowing what to look for and not settling for the products that cause harm to our planet. Canon, the "big" company in this story started a new environmental initiative, "Generation Green" in hopes to reduce their environmental burdens of their products. You'll soon be finding "green" scanners, PIXMA inkjet printers, and imageCLASS laser printers in your local electronics stores. I know this because my husband works at Fry's Electronics and they just got them in. Canon will continue to aspire in the creation of products that consider both the consumer and the global environment together in harmony.


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Some of the nice new features of these "green" printers includes an automatic 2-sided printing (save up to 50% of paper), transparent inks, white LEDs, more compact in design, and more eco-friendly packaging. The Canon Scanners weren't left out either with the energy-efficient USB Power Source and the white LED light.

Canon's Inkjet Printers, specifically the PIXMA printers, have a power supply casing made of recycled plastic. Their Laser Printers' cartridges are 100% recovered with zero landfill waste. And Canon was the first in the printing industry to create a toner cartridge recycling program. Today they now have a hardware recycling program for scanners, PIXMA printers, and imageCLASS printers.

Canon's Inkjet and Laser Printers, more specifically the PIXMA printers again, and all current Scanners are ENERGY STAR® qualified – and the printers automatically enter low-power mode when not in use (same with some of the imageCLASS printers). You won't be finding any cadmium, mercury, lead, or any other hazardous materials in these products either, thanks to them being RoHS compliant.

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