Change Your Mind And Help Save The World

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Change Your Mind And Help Save The World

This guest post is by JasonM.

There are two words that can be used to characterize the human race in the 21st century: isolation and apathy. As nations we are becoming more and more separate from other nations, because of fear and mistrust in this age of terrorism. These feelings of disconnection have also filtered down to and been taken up by individuals, where they get added to a mix of greed and self-interest to form a real barrier between people.

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Each of us believes we exist alone in the world and act as if that were true. Moreover, it seems that we don’t really care – about anything but ourselves. Humans see themselves as isolated beings, who act only in self-interest, and who have no connection to others and therefore have no empathy or sympathy.

At the same time, the problems we face as human beings affect us all, and can sometime seem overwhelming. Environmental issues such as resource depletion and pollution, economic problems with the gap between the rich and the poor increasing, and many other difficulties that are facing us could be improved – if we started by improving ourselves at the individual level.

Each of us as human beings needs to reset our minds, to try to change how we think and behave, and how we interact with the world and with other people. Self-improvement begins with self-awareness, and a person who is self-aware can change. Here are just some of the changes in thought and behavior that could change the world for the better:

Use Less Water

Fresh water is running out, and many experts predict that water shortages will affect much of the world sooner rather than later. Using less water is an example of a change of mind that can help everyone. We waste water in countless ways – washing our cars, watering our lawns, taking excessively long showers, and so on. Making small changes in our water usage could add up to big changes on the macroscopic level.

Use Less Fuel

On an individual level, there are many ways to try to change how we consume non-renewable resources like fossil fuels. Simple changes such as driving less for pleasure, carpooling, using public transit, and lowering our thermostats can save tremendous amounts of energy. This is a change that each person should be encouraged to make, and that we can all do to improve ourselves and make the world a better place.

Buy Locally Grown Food

The fuel and other resources used to transport food to supermarkets across the country is staggering. If each of us could change our thinking about the food we buy it could have very positive results. We should think about the cost of getting food to the store as an unnecessary depletion of resources, and try to find more local sources of food.

Reduce The Use Of Paper To Save The Forests

This is a change that can help our planet in many ways, and its something everyone can do. Changing habits isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding to buy fewer newspapers and magazines and get your news online, to use cloth towels instead of paper towels, to use cloth diapers instead of disposables, and so on. We all need trees to make breathable air, and a simple mental change can help.

Don’t Try To Keep Up With The Neighbors

We all can change how we think and feel about the stuff in our lives. Not only that we can be better off as well as helping to save the world. Simply not buying into the media and Madison Avenue-created race for better and newer things would make a huge difference. We should use our cars, appliances, electronics, and even clothing much longer before thinking about getting new stuff.

Reset Your Mind 

Making positive changes are things that humans need to learn how to do, and soon. The issues we face as a race are huge, but the solutions begin on the individual plane. If each us would make a commitment to stop competing in an unwinnable race for material goods, to want what we have and to have less, to live more simply and frugally, we could all save the planet together. You can change your mind, and it will help save the world.

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About Jason M

Jason is a blogger who is extremely passionate about changing the world – starting with the issue of self. He recently read a write up about Jeremy Griffith who is a biologist addressing the deeper issue of our human condition and has written an interesting essay titled ‘Save The World’ which has certainly got him thinking!

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