Climate Change – A quick explanation.

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Climate Change. We hear about it everywhere these days, usually in a picture like the one above. Most people tend to think of it as Global Warming and don't realize it also has to do with Global Cooling. Our Ocean currents have a lot to do with the temperature of this planet. The Ocean is also one of the largest CO2 collectors to help balance our atmosphere. So when we, as humans, keep adding to the CO2 emissions we're creating more than the Earth can successfully soak up – an extra 4% will make a difference.

There are many diverse scientific opinions in what could possibly happen if the Earth was to raise – say 5 degrees – in temperature; maybe we'll see flooding, maybe we'll see food famines, maybe we'll see climate changes. The one commonality is that a new Ice Age is not in any recent projections for our future. So let's work together, as a whole planet, and try to cut down on our carbon footprint before it's too late. An easy way to do this is to simply pick up your phone and call your local energy company. Find out if they offer a green option, and if they don't ask them to offer one. Big companies like Kohl's and FedEx Kinko's are starting to buy more green energy. It's important to us – their consumers – so just ask your favorite places of business. If we work together, we can make a difference.

For more information regarding Climate Change and to find out what "climate porn" is exactly, check out this great article by Sara Dryden at, Idiot's Guide to Climate Change.

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