Cough and Cold Remedies Just for Baby

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Many cough and cold remedies aren't suitable for young infants under 1 year. Even the Vicks Babyrub and Little Colds Baby Rub are only recommended for babies over 3 months. So what are parents to do? Choose natural remedies for a cold.

Mother walking baby in stroller through the park on a winter day.

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Go for a walk.

If its winter and your little one has a barky cough then wrap them up warmly and go for a walk. A quick 20 minute stroll can help your baby's cough by breathing in the dry, cold air and give you extra cuddle time.

Humidifier for increasing moisture.Now if your infant has a dryer cough, more calm, then a humidifier could help. To prevent possible scalding it's recommended to use a cool-mist humidifier to add moisture to your baby's nursery.

When the manufacturer tells you to change the water daily change the water everyday. It might be annoying, but mold and bacteria can grow very fast. You also need to clean it. Again refer to your manufacturers instructions. Filtered water might help reduce the buildup of minerals on the unit.

Don't have a humidifier? Take a hot shower. Let your baby sit in a rocker or playpen, someplace safe, while you take a shower. The steam will help your baby's stuffy or runny nose.

Or if you are a nursing mother you can breastfeed in the bathroom with the door shut and running the hot water. We recommend you fill the bathtub so after baby is finished you can take a relaxing bath. This way you are conserving water and it is not being wasted.

Nasal Aspirator, also known as a bulb syringe.​Use a nasal aspirator.

Suction their mucus out. Using a nasal aspirator you can remove thinned out mucus from your infants nose. To thin out their mucus try the steam method above. You can also use saline drops to loosen it or breast milk if you are a nursing mother.

Elevate their head when sleeping.

Prop their crib mattress up. Find a way to elevate your baby's head while sleeping. Using a wedge, like a rolled up towel, under the crib mattress will help the mucus drain down. This usually helps baby sleep better with a runny or stuffy nose.

Mother comforting sick baby during cold season.


It's not fun for a young infant to have a runny or stuffy nose, cough, or sore throat. A baby with a cold and cough needs your help to provide relief. These natural approaches will help your child get over their cold faster. Start using these natural baby cold remedies the next time they catch a cold.

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