Create a Seed-Starting Pot from Recycled Newspaper

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Learn how to make your own seed starting pots from recycling your newspaper. It's quick, easy and even if you forget to remove the newspaper pot when you plant the seedling the newspaper is biodegradeable. Each video shows different ways to start seeds for your garden in an Earth friendly way.

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How to Create Seed-Starting Pots from Recycling Newspapers

Before you shell out your money to purchase those expensive peat pods, these planting pots are made by rolling recycled newspaper.

  1. Take one full sheet of newspaper, leaving it folded in half lengthwise flat on the table.
  2. Fold it in half once lengthwise. Repeat.
  3. Take a straight sided glass and place it on your newspaper strip. You'll want the top of the glass to be positioned at the center point of the thin side of newspaper.
  4. Roll the glass and newspaper tightly so the newspaper overlaps the glass.
  5. Take the overlapping newspaper and push it into the glass.
  6. Remove the newspaper, you might need to wiggle it.
  7. Place the newspaper pot in your hand, place it on the table. Push the inside overlap back down to form the bottom. You can use the bottom of the glass to make it more secure.

This method it's recommended to remove the newspaper pot before planting because the newspaper layers are thick and will require more time to biodegrade in the soil. You can then simply toss the newspaper cup into your compost pile.

Creative Seed Starting by Garden Girl

Recycle Newspapers and a Beverage Holder from Your Local Fast Food Restaurant

  1. Using the cardboard drink holder you get from the local fast food drive through, take about 4 small square pieces of newspaper and shove them into the holders.
  2. Mist with a spray bottle to make it easier to work with and continue shaping your new seed starter pot.

This method uses less layers of newspaper and will have a faster time biodegrading than the method above. It might not be as necessary to remove the newspaper before planting. Try both methods and test what works bets in your area and your garden.

Halved Egg Shells Make Tiny Seed Starter Pots

You'll need a cardboard egg carton and 12 halved eggshells. There isn't much space for plants, so you'll want to use this method for smaller plant varieties.

  1. Place potting soil in each egg shell, being sure not to press it tightly so roots have room.
  2. Replace the egg shell in the egg carton and cover with plastic wrap to keep moisture levels high. This will help the seeds germinate faster.
  3. When ready to plant, simply crush the eggshell gently and plant the entire thing. As the egg shell biodegrades it will add nutrients to the soil.

Create a Mini-Greenhouse with a Recycled Cupcake Plastic Container

When you purchase cupcakes from the local grocery store or bakery, the plastic container can be recycled in this project building a mini-greenhouse.

  1. Poke holes in each section of the plastic container to help keep oxygen inside the container as well keeping the soil from sitting in stagnant water.
  2. Place small square pieces of newspaper to create small seed starter pots in each section.
  3. Fill the newspaper cups with soil and plant your seed.

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