Create an Instant Succulent Tabletop Garden Centerpiece

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Instant Succulent Tabletop Garden Centerpiece

Natural elements add visual interest and texture to any design. Plants and foliage offer clean Earth friendly beauty to any centerpiece and textures abound. Pasadena landscape artitect Heather Lenkin created the beautiful tabletop centerpiece shown below. To achieve your own look at home simply soak floral moss in water, squeeze out the excess water, then place on top of your table, or in a decorative container. On the moss you can freely decorate and place votive trays or holders to hold air plants and succulents that require little soil or no soil. Misting your tabletop garden will keep it fresh and beautiful longer.


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For a modern look try this combination of black reindeer moss with a blue-gray t For a more delicate feminine look try this combination of green reindeer moss wi For a more casual feel try this combination of natural spanish moss with a bronz


Source: Sunset Magazine

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