Did you know? It’s all about the latest Green Hybrid Cars

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Green Hybrid Cars

This guest post is by Richard Keane.

Did you know? It’s all about the latest Green Hybrid Cars

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If you’re an environmentally conscious person and want to save our planet then you should realise the benefits of using a non-polluting, fuel efficient, eco-friendly vehicle. Then the solution lies in using green hybrid cars. A hybrid car is most commonly referred to as a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) which is the combination of two sources, an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. A hybrid engine works by combining two or more internal sources of power; generally gasoline and electric power is used to propel it.

How Hybrid Cars Work

Regenerative braking: When the brake is applied, the electric motor slows down the vehicle and causes resistance towards the wheels; as a result the energy generated from the wheels turns off the motor. It avoids the wastage of energy during braking by storing it into the battery and the stored energy can be used by the electric motor.

Additional power: The electric motor will provide an additional power to assist the engine while accelerating and climbing hills, to do this it requires smaller efficient engines. In most cases the motor itself generates power for a low speed condition.

Automation of engine: The engine automatically turns off and on depending on the usage. When the vehicle comes to stop the electric motor shuts off automatically. When a driver thinks to accelerate it then the engines restart automatically. This automation prevents the wastage of energy from braking, idling.

The difference between a regular car and a hybrid car:

  • A regular car will not have an electric motor to supplement power in order to recharge the battery. Whereas a hybrid car combines with traditional combustion engine with an electric force, this is used as the primary power source.
  • A traditional car generates unpleasant and prolonged noise with its pistons whenever engines compress and explodes. In hybrid vehicles the electric motor is virtually silent when driving.

Benefits of using a hybrid car:

These cars are fuel efficient and release less emissions.

  • A hybrid car will have an inbuilt battery. The battery powers of this motor release fewer emissions; these are built using strong nickel metal hydride.
  • The batteries recharge automatically.
  • They help to save the planet since they are excellent, fuel efficient vehicles and produce fewer emissions; at the same time providing excellent mileage.
  • A traditional car emits carbon elementary fumes on the usage of gasoline, whereas hybrids don’t.
  • These cars are popular since they are ecologically conscious, while they can also provide great savings for the hybrid owners. Their costs appear to be much better than any other gasoline vehicles.
  • A hybrid car is proven to be the solution to pollution.
  • These cars are built using light materials; the engines will automatically turn off during braking.
  • In some countries the government offers tax credits towards the purchase of hybrid cars; these tax incentives are not available for a regular car.
  • These cars offer drivers a sophisticated experience driving at low speed.
  • Hybrid cars on finance options are also available for those who want to opt for car loans.

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