DIY Project – Living Walls of Succulents Make Beautiful “Natural” Art

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Robin Stockwell created beautiful wall hangings made of frames and succulents. Unique, stylish and textural – these are sure to create conversation. In three easy steps you’ll have your own beautiful art.

From Sunset Magazine’s website:

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Instead of framing a picture, why not a whole garden? Here, cuttings of assorted succulents knit together to create colorful, textual living tapestries.

Buy a preassembled frame for your living succulent art. Add soil to your frame to hold your succulents in place. Succulent plant cuttings will need to take root so leave the frame lying flat.

1. Buy or Build a Frame
2. Add soil
3. Plant Cuttings

To make your own frame, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Find an old or used picture frame. It needs to be at least 2″ deep. Or make your own.

  2. Staple or nail 1/2″ hardware wire mesh to one side of the opwn frame. To hide the frame you can add molding. (If you’re up to the challenge and know how to work with wood, you can cut a channel into the sood and slide the mesh into the channel so the cut mesh edges don’t show.)
  3. Staple or nail a piece of exterior plywood or redwood on to the other side (the open back) of the frame. You will not need drainage holes.
  4. With the wire mesh facing upwards, lay the frame flat on a table. Will with a good soil up to the wire mesh.
  5. Work your plant cuttings into each wire mesh square.
  6. After you’re complete with the plantings and the desired look, you need to lay it in full sun and let the plants take root fully. Don’t water for the first 7 to 10 days. You’ll be able to display your new “picture” upright as soon as 4 weeks, but this can take up to 3 months so be patient. They will feel firmly rooted when you gently tug.
  7. Water when needed and enjoy your beautiful artwork. To water, you’ll want to lay the frame flat and let the soil drain before hanging it up again.

Idea: Try to incorporate a drip irrigation system behind the mesh to make watering easier.

If you’d like to discover 350 easy-care plants to use in these beautiful living walls and other container gardens, then pick up a copy of Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants.

From Weekend Gardener’s website:

By simply using an old picture frame, you can make living outdoor wall art that will definitely become the focal point of your patio or deck area.

These’s picture frame hanging planters can be filled with succulents, but you can also get imaginative and  add in pieces of drift wood, interesting shells, bits of colored tile, or just about anything that grabs your creative interests.

If you want to buy one, living plant frames can be purchased at:

This frame is available from Robin Stockwell’s Succulent Garden in Castroville, California (800-632-0482). From $35 for a 6″ x 12″ frame.

Fun Succulent Facts

From the BBC Gardening Guide: Did you know? Cacti:

How do they survive?

Cacti and succulents have adapted to grow where there is not much fresh water, in places like deserts. Deserts get very little rain, are very hot during the daytime and often frosty at night. A prickly cactus stops birds and animals trying to eat them for their water!

  • Succulent Gardens Offer Visual Appeal and Textural Components for  any DIYerAll cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti.
  • The tallest cactus in the world, the giant saguaro cactus, can grow up to 67 feet high and 250 years old.
  • The ocotillo plant drops its leaves after the soil dries out and they regrow only after it rains.
  • The century plant, an agave, takes 25 years to grow a flower. Then it dies.
  • The spines of the Barrel cactus were used by local people for fishing hooks.
  • Cactus are only found in the North and South America.
  • Water is stored in the leaves of leaf succulents

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