Do We Really Need Solar-Powered Robots to Mow Our Lawn? Are we that lazy?

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I just finished watching Wall-E with my husband so pardon my little ranting before I explain about the new Automower™ Solar Hybrid Robots by Husqvarna. How much are we going to rely on machines? After that cute movie about a robot falling in love, it makes you think about how lazy we can be if someone, or something, does our job for us. Here in the states we love our green lawns. It's almost a status symbol, it doesn't matter whether we're in a drought or not (Southern California) – we want a green lawn. I wonder if it makes us see "nature" in our suburban homes. If you live in the city or suburbs, it can be difficult to get back to nature. Believe me the parks around here feature ducks and pigeons – I was amazed at all the squirrels I saw in Sacramento. I know, it's sad.


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The future of gardening is here; a new lawn mower is in town.


Now that I got my ranting and raving out about humans being lazy and wanting a robot to do our dirty work – the Automower™ Solar Hybrid is a neat little gadget combining solar power and electricity. So if you want a nicely trim lawn and you want a lawn mower, this could be the lawnmower of your dreams. In addition to the human-powered lawnmowers, the biodiesel lawnmowers, and the electric lawnmowers – a robot sounds like the easy road to be more Earth friendly. It's solar-powered, 90% recyclable and automatic – it knows when to recharge itself!

Made by Husqvarna, a company based in Sweden and the world's largest manufacturer of chainsaws, lawn and garden equipment. You've probably seen their items under the Craftsman brand name at your local Sears. This little solar-powered robot to cut 3/4 acre of grass all by itself. Equipped with collision sensors it knows when it comes across furniture, pets, and trees. But does it really need an anti-theft protection built in? Probably – it is something all the guys in the neighborhood will want. All you need to do is stick a little wire into the ground around the perimeter and it'll take care of the rest. I think some of the neighborhood kids will be out of a Summer job.


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