Download and Go! Ranger Rick iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Game Apps for Kids

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National Wildlife Federation just released three fun kid games available for download as apps. These are only available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. 

If you have a child who loves playing with your iPhone why not download these fun nature games. Your child will learn about the different animals and their habitats.

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Hopefully their idea to get children learning about the world around them will inspire them to head outside to see the real thing. This is just in time as the weather starts to change to more comfortable outside conditions with Spring around the corner.

From National Wildlife Federation:

Ranger Rick and friends are excited to introduce our new game apps for kids (and adults!) so they can continue​ to have fun while learning about wildlife and wildlife habitats on a new delivery platform.

"National Wildlife Federation knows kids are into their electronic devices," said Mary Dalheim, Editorial Director of Children's Publications for NWF. "We want to use those devices to educate kids and stimulate curiousity about the natural world so kids can take what they have seen or learned virtually out into the real outdoors."

Ranger Rick's wildlife apps for kids
Raiders of the Lost Aardvark

​For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch - Join Ranger Rick the raccoon on a wild ride through Africa in this thrilling detective game that tests your sleuthing skills. Perfect for ages 7 and up.

Download for $1.99

Click the Birdie

For iPad - ​Score points, discover cool bird facts, and have tons of fun in Ranger Rick's adventure-packed app. Perfect for ages 7 and up.

Download for $1.99

What Did Snakey Eat?

​For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch - ​Gulp! Sammy the Skunk's friend Snakey has swallowed something he shouldn't have. Match the shape in Snakey's belly! Perfect for ages 2 to 5.

Download now for $0.99

National Wildlife Federation logoRanger Rick, the raccoon mascot of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), has been entertaining kids for over 40 years. It's nice to see NWF adapt to the times and what children today are interested in. 

By continuing to change their approach to learning about nature in a fun way, many children will be able to discover how wonderful nature is.

Do you plan on getting these apps for your kids? Let us know in the comments.

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