Easy Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

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Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

This was written by Tom Clark writing on behalf of  http://www.gomobilize.co.uk/.

It is becoming common knowledge that companies that are aware of what makes a ‘sustainable business’ are becoming more popular with existing customers as well as prospective customers. This awareness, although positive, forward-thinking and admirable, is often not executed with any conviction and is more an encouraging label than a reality.

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The key to making this label a reality is finding ways to implement techniques that will reduce the company’s carbon footprint whilst not negatively affecting the business.  With all this in mind I introduce 6 ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint and make it a more sustainable business.

What is Your Current Carbon Consumption?

You can hire a professional to calculate your emissions or get the manager to make this conscious effort over the course of one day. Once you have an idea about your carbon consumption you can begin to move forwards. By understanding the present number of greenhouse gases generated you can make a progressive strategy that will work for you.

Simple Steps towards Reducing the Carbon Footprint

There are many simple steps you can take towards this long-term goal, including closing windows, knowing when to use the central heating, and using fluorescent light bulbs instead of the incandescent ones. Using these energy saving bulbs also saves you money, could there be any more incentive to use them?

Turning off Electrical Devices

If you can make it a habit to turn off devices when you are not using them it will have a big impact over time. Even better, inspire your workmates to do the same and the behavior manifests until it is a habit and becomes normal.  Try turning off your monitor when you go to lunch instead of letting it eventually go onto a screensaver. At the end of the day make sure to turn switches off at the wall for your various devices such as the kettle, microwave and of course switch all the lights out. Quite often people have a misconception about standby mode; this still uses energy and it is not a great deal of effort to press switches and unplug at the wall instead. If you monitor the difference on your electricity bill on a month-on-month basis you may get a surprise once you have implemented this simple technique.

Fresh Fruit and Veg

One of the harder techniques to implement is the idea of promoting healthy eating in the office and the presence of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is becoming increasingly popular in offices with many companies even using it as a selling point in recruitment situations. The benefits here are the increased natural energy levels, resulting in higher natural output and less use of the kettle!

Working from Home

It can be a hard one for bosses to come to terms with, but allowing your employees to work at home when necessary is a great way to reduce emissions. With the increasingly wide and efficient variety of ways for a team to communicate remotely, it is worth considering. It is also popular with the employees and can replace conventional monthly special days such as casual dress code day.

Track Your Progress

It is a process just like making your lifestyle healthier, it has to be checked up on until lit is a habit, the way in which you function out of choice. By monitoring and reporting to the team on a monthly basis, you will get an idea of how well you are doing and your team will feel motivated by the results. Consider incentivising the process with an extra work at home day awarded to the most actively engaged team member. However, remember that the process has to work for you in the long run and eventually passively work for the business.

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