Eco-Friendly Converse Alternatives

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Eco-Friendly Converse Alternatives

Move over Converse, there’s a new sneaker in town. The Autonomie Project, a Fair Trade fashion company, offers an eco-friendly footwear alternative. You can see the Ethletic™ low-top sneakers to the right. Upside – they are a stylish and sweatshop-free sneaker made of eco-friendly materials. Downside – they cost about double what the Converse Allstars cost. So until Converse gets to work on developing an eco-friendly or organic version of the beloved AllStars, we’ll have to spend the green to get the eco-friendly version.

These organic cotton canvas sneakers are actually washable. You are able to throw them in the washing machine and the dryer! Apparently they hold up quite well.

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Our products are relevant and fashionable for today’s market – always vegan, always eco, and always fairly traded so that you can wear your values and still look good! (Automonie Project)

What is Ethletic™?

Ethletic™ was founded in 2004 and has grown under the company Fair Deal Trading, Ltd. In a partnership with the Autonomie Project in 2007 they have been brought to North America and the eco-conscious market. Available for children and adults, these sneakers are vegan and 100% Fair Trade.

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