Eco-Friendly Home Entertainment

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Eco-Friendly Home Entertainment

This guest post is by Felicia Baratz of Eat Breathe Blog.

Home theater installation adds value to your home and gives you a place to relax with family and friends. While adding on to your home allows you to create a whole new space for a home theater room, this option isn’t always a great choice for the environment. Instead, consider renovating an existing room. With green technology and a few handyman tricks, you can create a home theater that rocks.

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Installing New Technology

New electronics implement green technology and energy saving features, but you might not have money to replace all your appliances at one time. That’s okay. As your television, DVD player, audio system and other tech toys wear out, replace them with Energy Star electronics. If every purchased home theater system in the U.S. would be replaced with Energy Star appliances, 15 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented annually. Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your utility bill when you install an energy-efficient theater, components and accessories.

As you replace electronics, remember to recycle. Like many electronic manufacturers who use less packaging materials or recyclable materials, you can continue the trend. Recycle or reuse as many items as possible in your theater room.

When you’re ready to buy a television, choose thin HDTVs. They use less power than plasma HDTVs while delivering a superior picture. Turn off your tech toys when you’re not using them. Standby power wastes energy and money. Use the power management feature to access power save mode, and turn off the power strip if you’ll be gone for longer than a few hours.

Wiring Up

If every appliance were wireless, you’d have an easier time setting up the system. Unfortunately, wires remain a necessity in any home theater installation. Choose the correct wires that meet your electricity and energy needs. Tie them together behind the television or hide them inside a raceway along the baseboard. If you choose to run the wires inside the walls, take safety precautions to make sure the project doesn’t interfere with existing wires or damage the wall studs.

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While electronics play a major role in your home theater, don’t forget the accessories like lighting and shelving. When remodeling your home theater room, install a light dimmer for ambiance and energy savings. Make sure you also use energy efficient bulbs and hang wall sconces or recessed lighting to create the perfect lighting for gaming or movie viewing.

In addition to lighting, install shelving for your gaming accessories, remote controls, drinks and snacks. Build your own corner cabinets, shelves or side tables. You might also consider building a bar area for snacks and refreshments. Don’t forget to build your own trash receptacles or reuse bins you already own.

These tricks and others help you create a functional and eco-friendly home theater. Buying Energy Star electronics, building your own accessories or reusing existing furniture to fit your theater room will save you money and help the environment. You’ll have a clear conscience and an in-tact budget when you turn that unused room into a comfortable home theater space you entire family will enjoy.

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