Eco-Friendly Promotional Merchandise to Showcase Your Business

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Eco-Friendly Promotional Merchandise

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Promotional merchandise has become an increasingly popular vehicle for showcasing your brand. Used by organisations across the globe, companies are keen to promote their offering using various products – from branded pens and pencils to mugs and corporate clothing, the options are endless!

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One particular growing trend is the requirement for environmentally friendly promotional products. In line with the corporate desire to act in a socially responsible and ethical manner by utilising recycled goods, many promotional merchandise companies are now offering eco-friendly products to their customers.

Whilst there are many eco-friendly branded products on the market, a few of the most popular and cost effective choices are discussed in more detail below…

Eco-Friendly Pens

Promotional pens are extremely popular items and ideal for giving away at exhibitions, seminars and events as well as for use by employees within your organisation. Branded pens and other stationary are a relatively cheap marketing solution and can help to remind customers, potential customers and suppliers etc. of your existence.

Pens generally have quite a long life span and tend to be used on a daily basis. With every use, there will be a subtle reinforcement of your brand to the user. This will help to keep your brand at the forefront of their memory within your particular niche and this increased awareness can lead to extra business for your organisation over time.

Eco-Friendly Paper

Recycled paper is another popular merchandise product and can come in a variety of sizes and styles, such as basic sticky notes to large notepads and jotters. Paper products work well as they are always needed, especially when it comes to sticky notes and memo pads for office workers!

Paper products also allow for a little more branding than smaller items such as pens or keyrings, and you can really make the most of the available space by including your logo and key brand messaging. Company contact details can also be featured; ensuring critical calls to action are present on the promotional material.

Branded notepads are also very well received internally by employees, and they will allow them to appear professional at meetings by carrying a company branded notebook over a generic pad.

Eco-Friendly Mugs

Eco-friendly mugs are another excellent example of useful promotional items which get used on a daily basis. They can usually be quite flexible on design, allowing you to display something as basic as a company logo or even a more intricate design or image.
Corporate branded mugs are also great to have in the office, so you can offer matching printed mugs to visitors at meetings and events.

Eco-Friendly Keyrings & Fobs

Keyrings and fobs act as subtle brand reminders and work especially well for service led businesses such as taxi companies, hairdressers, mechanics or even a local takeaway, essentially those businesses which like you to keep their number to hand!

They are a low cost solution and can come in a range of styles and colours in line with your branding requirements. Popular recycled styles include those made from drinks bottles and recycled paper, as well as recycled leather options.

Eco-Friendly Bag

Eco-friendly cotton shopper bags are another popular item which is ideal for giveaway at conferences and exhibitions. They can be used effectively to house promotional material e.g. brochures as well as other promotional gifts such as pens, notebooks etc.

You can choose to stick with a simple logo led design or alternatively, opt for something a little more exciting to capture attention and make your bag a ‘must-have’ accessory!

To conclude, it is clear that there are many available options when it comes to choosing an eco-friendly product. Each of which will help to promote your brand and further increase reach and levels of brand awareness. A successful brand strategy will be enhanced with the proper promotional merchandise. So the next time you are choosing promotional merchandise for your brand, why not consider eco-friendly items? After all, they are a cost-effective and socially responsible choice!

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