Eco Friendly Security Measures

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Eco Friendly Security Measures

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With the cost of energy and electricity rising year on year, more and more people are looking at various ways to reduce these spiralling costs.

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When looking to make these improvements, most homeowners automatically think of the obvious solutions such as installing loft and wall insulation or simply turning the heating down. Once these projects are completed however, many homeowners do not realise that there are far greater options to be had to make further savings.

What if there was a solution that would not only save money in the long run by reducing energy bills but would also help to increase the levels of security you have around the home. Would this be appealing to the average homeowner looking to protect their family?

Low Energy Security Lighting

Unlike traditional exterior lighting that requires a very bright bulb to light the space and therefore consumes a lot of electricity, the installation of LED sensor lights that come on when movement is detected offers a far better energy saving solution.

Criminals like to work in dark secluded areas so the fact a sensor light will pick up movement will serve as a detection system that will alert you to someone`s presence outside your home when it is dark.

Composite Front Doors

Offering a far more environmentally friendly option than a UPVC door, composite doors are constructed from a wide range of recycled metals and materials. Capable of providing a high security barrier to the main entrance of your home and featuring high strength locks combined with an insulated door panel, you can rest safe in the knowledge that no one is going to be able to gain unlawful entry through it and it will also serve as an energy efficient barrier against the elements.

Insulated Roller Shutters

Despite the fact that most modern homes feature double glazing that is designed to retain heat inside a building for long periods of time, significant energy savings can be made by installing energy efficient insulated roller shutters over windows. This additional insulating barrier will be far more effective than double glazing alone at retaining heat. Additionally, the thick door curtain featured on roller shutter doors also acts as a really tough physical security barrier that will prove almost impossible to break through.

Insulated Garage Doors

Constructed from high strength materials with a dense foam filled core that provides high levels of insulation to prevent heat escaping from the garage space, the added thickness of an insulated garage door provides a tough barrier to both the elements and criminals. With many thousands of pounds worth of goods stored inside the garage, they are the only sensible solution for the modern homeowner looking for an eco friendly security measure. Mostly constructed from recycled aluminium, door types such as insulated roller shutter doors are now so secure that they even meet insurance approved standards after passing rigorous attack testing.

Whilst some of these alterations and home improvements will not be ideal to all homes, for many homeowners looking for some additional security measures whilst reducing energy they offer a perfect solution.

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