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Sustainable. Versatile. Beautiful.

Sitting down keeps getting more stylish with Viva Terra's artisans at work. Each of these sustainable and Earth friendly stools provides multitasking at its best. Some are tall enough to be used as a stool, others will make a great side table, and they all at a sculptural beauty to any room. Bring the outdoors inside in eco-style. 

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Twisty Stool Wave Stool Timber Block Stool ($25 surcharge) Merlot Stool Convertible Wood Cube Stacked Mango Wood Stool

The Twisty Stool, Wave Stool, and Convertible Wood Cube are made from sustainable monkey pod. The Timber Block Stool is made from recycled tree limbs that were left for waste. The Merlot Stool and Stacked Mango Wood Stool are made from mango wood that comes from plantations where trees are recycled once they stop producing fruit. All available at

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