Eco Modular Homes – No longer have to be modern

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When you think about a "modular" home, do you picture the old mobile homes that sit on a foundation? I always thought that too, then Branndon's grandparents' bought one for their land in Oregon. Not only did the house look great, but they were able to add their own touches to the landscaping, driveway, a garage, and much more. So now I had another perspective on these. Then I started to research the options in the modular housing market, especially those that are eco-friendly. I was saddened to see only modern designs. 

Now I enjoy modern design, maybe not as much as some, but I still prefer the design of a classic Craftsman. That began my new quest, find a beautiful eco-friendly modular home, maybe even a manufactured home – it just couldn't be very modern. Thankfully modular homes are on the rise, so I was able to find two designs I fell in love with by American Home Sales.

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River Cottage is the smaller of the two at only 1,188 square feet. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Tahoe Chalet is a little larger at 1,511 square feet. It features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a porch.

It makes sense that modular homes are on the rise when they are created in manufacturing plants. The cost is controlled and overall cheaper, and they can be done much quicker. It's not so easy to tell at a glance whether a home is modular or stick built these days. And there are so many "green" qualities to these types of homes.

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