Eco-Powered Watches

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Eco-Powered Watches

This guest post is by Chris Derrer of The Watch Hut.

Along with many other gadgets and forms of technology, renewable energy sources are becoming more and more used. But watches have been using renewable energy sources for centuries!

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Since the late 1700′s self winding watches have been in existence, using oscillating weights and rotor mechanisms. They worked from the movement of the human body, roughly 15 minutes movement was enough to keep the watch working for 8 days.

Since the early 1900′s and the increased popularity of wrist watches their have been huge leaps forward in the science behind eco-powered watches. When a watch is worn on the wrist, it moves a lot more than a pocket watch would, so the build up and storage of energy became a lot easier. There now even rotor systems in some watches that convert the energy of movement from the wearer into electricity to charge a battery.

Now there are many more ways of powering a watch, from Citizen watches whose Eco-Drive range that are powered by light, using a solar panel mounted under the dial that harnesses the light into energy that powers the watch.

These leaps forward in technology mean that the days of watches being run by standard batteries are almost over, as now more and more of the cheaper brands and less prestigious watches are finding ways of integrating eco-power sources into their timepieces.

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