Ecotourism 2nd Edition

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Alternative tourism, or ecotourism in the broad sense, can be defined as a type of tourism that tries to be harmonious with social, community, and natral values. Guests, as well as the hosts, need to benefit in a positive and worthwhile interaction to truly be considered ecotourism. What are some of the impacts mainstream tourism is having on tourist locations? And what could we gain by choosing a more environmentally friendly ecotourism adventure? This is exactly what Ecotourism, Second Edition: Impacts, Potentials and Possibilities is about.

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Excerpt:The word ‘alternative’ logically implies its opposite. ‘Alternative tourism’ then is contrary to that which is seen as negative or detrimental about conventional tourism: it is characterized by its attempt at minimizing the perceived negative environmental and socio-cultural impacts of people at leisure in the promotion of radically different approaches and mass tourism is mutually interdependent, each relying on a series of value laden judgments that themselves structure the definitional content of the terms. In this way the concept of alternative tourism can itself be as broad and vague as its diametrical opposite with many divergent leisure types being classified as alternative tourism, including adventure holidays, hiking holidays, or the solitary journeys undertaken by globe trotters.

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