Electronic Cigarettes Healthy For Our Planet Too

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Electronic Cigarettes Healthy For Our Planet Too

This was written by Andy Roberts.

For many years people have been concerned with the effects of smoking on an individual’s health – but what about on the planet?

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Environmentalists across the world have always been worried about the implications of synthetic chemicals and cigarettes and the effect they have on the planet.

Firstly, there is a huge problem with cigarette butts being left on pavements and roads (which takes from 18 months to TEN YEARS to decompose). In this time, cigarette butts still contain tar and nicotine which can leak into the ground and affect anything that comes into contact with it – such as insects or small animals. They can also get eaten by fish or birds, which is incredibly harmful to these living beings. Not to mention how unsightly cigarette butts can appear on the pavements, too.

Not only this, but smoking leaves behind a toxic haze that is harmful to anyone who breathes it in. Secondary smoke is an issue for anyone who is regularly in close contact with a smoker. It can cause problems with COPDs (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or even, in some cases, lung cancers.

However, e cigarettes don’t quite have the same impact – making them an ideal choice for many people who are looking to smoke a healthier alternative for both them and the planet.

The e cig, as it is also known, uses a small amount of battery power to vaporize nicotine, which can be inhaled. You can choose your nicotine level – providing the user with a great amount of control over how much nicotine they inhale. This is why many e cigarettes are used to help smokers wean themselves off their cigarette nicotine habit.

E cigs are more environmentally friendly than normal cigarettes because most are reusable, meaning that essentially only a small amount of vapour needs to be refilled for each use. The batteries are also recyclable and they don’t produce smoke, meaning they do not contaminate the air quality.

Studies show that in terms of health, e cigarettes are a far better alternative for your body than normal cigarettes – with far less impact on your heart and the possibilities of heart disease and cancers.

An interesting comment made from The World Health Organization (WHO), said that by the end of this century, smoking will have claimed the lives of around 1 billion people.

According to a recent study conducted by Dr Farsalinos, the use of electronic cigarettes is not linked with any adverse side effects on the cardiac function, unlike if you smoked regular cigarettes.

Dr Farsalinos, who lead the study, said: “It is too early to say whether the electronic cigarette is a revolution in tobacco harm reduction but the potential is there. It is the only available product that deals with both the chemical (nicotine delivery) and psychological (inhaling and exhaling ‘smoke’, holding it, etc) addiction to smoking, laboratory analyses indicate that it is significantly less toxic and our study has shown no significant defects in cardiac function after acute use.”

The study was undertaken by 20 young smoking individuals who were daily smokers. Some of the volunteers were told to smoke one cigarette on a daily basis whilst others were issued with an electronic cigarette and told to use it for seven minutes a day. During the study the cardiac functions of the volunteers were compared and the people using the e cig were least affected – showing only minor increases to their heartbeat and blood pressure as well as having insignificant cardiac function disruptions.

Many people have been waiting for research such as this, especially the vaping community. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and the e liquid in which the device uses can be bought with or without nicotine. Many people have turned to the e cig to help them combat there smoking habit as they mimic the sensations of tobacco smoking, but the big difference is you do not breathe in any smoke.

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