Endangered Species Chocolate Review: All-Natural Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans

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I will start by letting you know that I wasn't expecting much coffee flavor. Many of the coffee infused chocolate bars on the market have small specks randomly throughout the bar. It's rare to taste the espresso beans in these chocolate bars and that's what I expected from Endangered Species Chocolate's All-Natural Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans. I'm glad I was wrong.

​Review: All-Natural Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans

Being completely honest I purchased this dark chocolate bar with my husband in mind. He loves  the flavor of coffee and I love dark chocolate. So when I had the opportunity to get something for the both of us I grabbed it.

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At first glance, the Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans bar looks like any other dark chocolate bar. However, the taste is much more decadent. 

Endangered Species Chocolate All-Natural Dark Chocolate with Espresso Bean, Lion

Featuring a 72% cocoa content this chocolate was rich and creamy. It walked a fine line on being too bitter, especially with the addition of the ground espresso beans. With each bite the flavor grew on me.

In regards to tasting like espresso, it hit the mark. The ground espresso beans were evenly spread throughout the entire chocolate bar with mild coffee flavor being picked up. Every now and then a larger grind was a welcome bonus. The slight crunch of the espresso bean with the creaminess of the dark chocolate, this all-natural chocolate bar was a definite indulgence.

The wrapper has a enticing image of a tiger's eyes which suggests there is more to this company than just chocolate. 

More than Just Chocolate

Endangered Species Chocolate focuses on quality sustainable ingredients sourced by cacao farmers around the world. Each chocolate bar sale directly helps an endangered species and their natural habitat by their donation of 10% net profits.

In addition to animal conservation efforts, Endangered Species Chocolate takes environmental concerns to heart. Not just words, they power their office, warehouse, and production facility by 100% wind power. And a new washer for chocolate molds and equipment in 2009 reduced their water consumption by 500 gallons – each day!

It's obvious that little changes can make a big impact and there are numerous Earth friendly measures taken by this chocolate company.

From the website:

Walk away from your chocolate encounter with increased knowledge about tigers courtesy of compelling information inside the wrapper. Your purchase tastes even more pure and sweet when you remind yourself that it supports conservation efforts.

Velvety dark chocolate + crushed espresso roasted coffee beans = one seriously intense chocolate bar.

​All-Natural Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans Nutritional Info

  • 72% cocoa content
  • Certified vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Kosher
  • Sourced from ethically traded cacao farms ensuring fair trade practices and sustainable farming.

Ingredients: bittersweet chocolate (chocolate liquor, unbleached water-filtered beet sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), roasted coffee

Allergens: contains soy. Produced on equipment that also processes product containing milk, peanuts and tree nuts.

Conclusion: Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans

I will definitely buy this again. I'm sure my husband will appreciate whenever it's in the house, but I can't say how long that it would last. The taste was better than other coffee infused chocolate bars I've had and I get to eat something that's helping sustainability around the world. 

Although it's not an inexpensive chocolate at around $3, if you are a lover of dark chocolate and coffee lover, you'll want to try this chocolate bar. 

You can buy a single bar at Endangered Species' website or in bulk at Amazon.

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