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Everyone, especially children, loves to throw a party, but most of these parties are just toxic attacks on our planet. There are various Earth friendly supplies available on the market today which will help us enjoy our parties without feeling guilty about our effects on the planet.
Avoid using paper plates and try using actual dinnerware.
First, try to buy all of your green party supplies from the nearest local store. This will save you fuel while reducing the pollution and emissions of your vehicle. If you are planning on using candles in your decorating, try to use soy based candles to avoid emitting toxic materials when the candles are burning.
An Earth friendly kid party, maybe for a birthday or just for fun, can be a daunting task for many parents. Let’s not add being eco-friendly to the list making this a challenge. Start by using as many “green” party supplies as you can to not harm the environment. Forget about the normal paper invitations, try e-mails. They’re quick, easy to use, fun, and it’s easy to see who’s RSVPed. If you really must use paper invitations choose invitations made from recycled paper. While we’re on the subject of paper products, try using actual linens, plates and dishes instead of the paper variety. Instead of throwing them away you can wash and reuse them for a later party.
It’s a kid’s party and fun is inevitable. Games and toys will need to be available, so opt for Earth friendly toys to play with. Or use your imagination and make cardboard box villages the children can paint. If the party takes place at a local park entertainment is provided.
At the end of every child’s party the goodie bag filled with candy and toys for each child to take home are always a hit. Make them a hit with Mother Nature by wrapping goodie bags in recycle paper, even newspaper will work. Healthy snacks and fruits are Earth friendly options to fill up goodie bags. But if healthy food doesn’t sound like something your child will want or eat, never fear. There are many kid friendly products available today that resemble the traditional kid junk food, but made with healthier ingredients. The kids will never know the difference, except for the packaging of course. 


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